Outerbanks Brewing Station Lemon Grass Wheat Ale and Capital Dark Voyage

Capital Brewery Dark Voyage

On Wednesday evenings we play trivia at a local pub with some friends. We have gotten fairly good, usually placing in the top three. Last night was not the case; we had probably the worse evening since we started many months ago. I suppose you can’t win them all.

As we come up on the long holiday weekend, I’m really looking forward to it. On Friday, I’ll be working a half day and then heading to Plymouth to visit the folks at Mayflower Brewing Co. After that, I shoot into Boston to attend the Massachusetts Brewer’s Fest. On Saturday, we are getting together with friends Greg and Heather. Sunday is a lazy day, and on Monday we hang out with friends Sean and Kerry.

Tonight I’m watching the last preseason game for the Patriots. I can’t believe it’s almost September and regular season football time. Stupid fall. I’m pairing my seasonal displeasure with two beers from my recent trip to Chicago: Outerbanks Brewing Station Lemon Grass Wheat Ale and Capital Dark Voyage.

Outerbanks Brewing Station Lemon Grass Wheat Ale is absolutely fantastic! It’s light and refreshing, making it a great summer option. Lemon flavor totally dominates, but is enjoyable rather than overly tart or sweet. This brew reminds me A LOT of a shandy, even though it isn’t. Highly recommended.

Outerbanks Brewing Station Lemon Grass Wheat Ale

Capital Dark Voyage is a black IPA style beer. I love this style, but haven’t had one in quite some time. This style is a fun one to review because I find they fall into three easily distinguishable categories: 1. More IPA than black 2. More black than IPA 3. Somewhere in the middle.

This beer falls somewhere between 1 and 2, leaning into the hoppy side of things. I will say it still had a decent dark malt backbone. It wasn’t my favorite black IPA ever, but it was probably top 10. Very solid beer.


Temperance Gatecrasher and Revolution Bottom Up Wit

Temperance Gatecrasher

Tonight we are scrambling to make some dinner, and then we are off to visit our cat in the hospital, followed by weekly trivia. I haven’t received my daily update on the status of our cat Gunnar (a.k.a. Mr. Pickles), but I promise I’ll keep you all apprised of the situation.

Tonight’s beer reviews are from two Chicago-area breweries: Temperance Gatecrasher and Revolution Bottom Up Wit.

Temperance Gatecrasher is an English-style IPA. For those who aren’t familiar with the style, it is intended to be much less hoppy than its American counterpart. As I have been on a English beer kick, I was super excited to give this a try. Sadly, I was not impressed. Instead of a nice balanced beer, I was hit with strong, astringent citrus and floral hops. Hoppy at the beginning, through the middle, and at the end. Little malt flavor to speak of. Boo. Very sad.

Luckily, Revolution Bottom Up Wit saved the day for me. This wheat beer is a solid summer brew. It packs serious lemon citrus flavor as well as a solid backbone of wheat/bread. The only odd thing I noticed was an intense spicy finish that I wasn’t expecting. Overall, I liked this beer a lot, although I found the finish a bit weird.


Revolution Bottom Up Wit

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