Mayflower Priscilla

Mayflower Priscilla

Tonight we’re headed off to trivia. But not before an uber-quick review of Mayflower Priscilla.

This is a limited edition release in the Mayflower Cooper Series. The beer is a Czech Pilsener with an ABV of 6.0%. My bottle is a bit old, having been bottled back in April. Forgive me…the bottle was lost in the back of the fridge. I really need to work on drinking this stuff faster! For flavors, I get a ton of grass/hay with a VERY subtle touch of green bottle flavor at the end (that’s my way of saying “ever so slightly skunky”. Pretty darned good beer. After a long day of work this beer disappeared stupid fast.


Weekend Beer and Cider Haul

Tavour Beer of the Month

Hey folks. No beer review tonight, but rather a quick tour of recent additions to my fridge. First, I got a complementary box of beer from the Tavour Beer club. Super excited to try some of this, and tell you more about the club (in a later post).

Tavour Beer of the Month Club

Next, I spent this past weekend in Vermont. One of my stops was visiting my buddy and fellow Yankee Brew News writer, Adam. Adam sent me away with some beer, which is fantastic, although I felt really guilty because I didn’t bring him any!

Other stuff

One of my last stops in Vermont was to have lunch with my mom and pick out some ciders for her to get Melissa for her birthday. Below is what we picked out.

Vermont Cider

Call this post a preview of many reviews to come!