Small Town Not Your Father’s Root Beer

Small Town Not your Father's Root Beer

With the move only a little over 5 weeks away, my evenings and weekends are filling up with all things related to packing. This past weekend that meant taking a car load of stuff to the donation center, as well as taking a second car load to the in-laws for storage. Nevermind the endless packing. The wife keeps telling me that I’m going to have the whole house packed up too early. I figure it means I’ll be less stressed later, so I keep packing.

Speaking of the wife, something recently unprecedented happened: she asked me to go out and buy her a specific beer to drink. She had heard about Small Town Not Your Father’s Root Beer from a couple of our friends and was curious. One would think, with how long I’ve been trying to get her to drink beer, that I would have run out at the very moment she asked, not returning home until I had found it. That didn’t happen. Rather, I procrastinated and meanwhile she was able to score a six-pack from a co-worker.

I tried a bottle of the stuff and my review is straight forward: it tastes EXACTLY like root beer, and a very sweet root beer at that.

Melissa keeps drinking the stuff and really likes it. As I type, she is on her second bottle of the evening. She agrees that it tastes just like root beer, and added that she can’t taste any alcohol (it’s 5.9% ABV).

It’s an ale that’s spiced to taste like root beer and if nothing else, you have to hand it to Small Town Brewery that they perfectly cloned that root beer flavor. I’m glad the wife likes it, but for me, I need a beer to taste a little like beer.


Foolproof La Ferme Urbaine

Foolproof La Ferme Urbaine

Tonight’s chore: a 9.5 mile run in preparation for the half marathon. Unlike the last long run I did, I felt like CRAP during the whole run. And now, the blog is my outlet to whine. For the first 4 miles I had a side cramp. When that went away, I battled acid reflux akin to gargling with battery acid. I was STARVING for the entire run and finally, my knee ended up being total garbage after about mile 6. I came home and absolutely plowed down food. I must say, the awesome thing about long distance running is the the calories burned. Tonight I killed off about 1200 of the little buggers. Thus, when I got home and ate a 1600 calorie dinner, I had no regrets.

And now I’m adding to the calorie count with a can of Foolproof La Ferme Urbaine. The 7.8% ABV beer is a farmhouse/saison style beer. It’s one of those peppery saisons. You know, the ones I’m not a huge fan of? It’s all good though. There is a decent honey-like malt backbone that evens things out. Being terribly thirsty doesn’t hurt either. If you’re into traditional saisons and you like Foolproof beer, you should definitely give this a go.

As promised, I’m giving away Freakers with each post until I run out. Today you have another shot at one of the remaining drink insulators (Bromance, 1Chainz, Lumbersmack). The first person to comment below wins!

Also, my last post had no comments, so technically there are two Freakers to be won. You may comment on either (or both) posts to win.


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