Kirin Ichiban – Japanese Bud?

Kirin IchibanNote: Enjoyed on February 27, 2009.

Anytime I go out, I love trying new beers when the opportunity arises. I’m also violently opposed to paying for a bottle of beer when I go out (why pay 800% markup on a bottle of bud light???). Anyhow, a good foreign beer is where I make exceptions.

More than once I’ve made the exception for a bottle of Kirin Ichiban. Tonight while we were out for sushi was one of these occasions. It’s a Japanese beer. In the grand scheme of things, there is nothing special about it. Standard lager. It’s essentially Budweiser from Japan. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that a trip to the Kirin Brewery website revealed that they are a partner with Budweiser.

Author: Joshua Dion

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