Longboard Island Lager

A buddy bought me a 12oz bottle of Longboard Island Lager this past weekend. I had never heard of the beer, or the brewery (Kona Brewing Co. out of Portsmouth, NH). That’s probably bad news, since I live about 2 hours from Portsmouth; why haven’t I seen or heard of this company?

This is going to be a short review, because I was unimpressed.
ABV? 5.5%
Smooth? Yes.
Malty? Yes.
Color: Light Golden.
Unique: Not in any way shape or form. Lager clone.

I’d probably drink another….if someone handed me one.

P.S. If your brewery is going to have an island theme, why in God’s name would you base yourself out of Portsmouth? Try moving somewhere more tropical. And also, why doesn’t the beer taste tropical?

Author: Joshua Dion

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15 thoughts on “Longboard Island Lager”

  1. according to my, ahem, sources in Hawaii (yes, I’ve sources), Kona is the Hawaiin Sam Adams (or something like that), and apparently to reach an east coast market they farm brewing out to another small brewery in Portsmouth. So this stuff is a hawaiin recipe brewed on the east coast.

  2. i just tried a wheat ale by them that is brewed with pasion fruit – a mildly sweet and fruity taste within a standard wheat taste. can’t decide whether i like it or not.

  3. OK, so at least that sounds tropical. I’d give them credit for that much. Sounds like you’ll have to bring some down so we can do a tasting.

  4. I've always loved Longboard, but the closest I could ever find it to Boston is in NYC. Now that they brew in Portsmouth, does anyone know where can I find it in the Boston area?

  5. I find Longboard simply delicious, smooth with a long slightly sweet finish that just seems right to me.

    For someone to write a review on one bottle and not even bothering to research–and it wouldn't take much–the Kona Brewing Company just seems wrong. So what temp did you drink it at, in what kind of glass? Or did it just arrive from his car and you popped it open and you declared to the world that this was just another lager clone. Do you even like lagers?

  6. Anonymous:

    Wow. I think this is the first time I've been blasted on the blog. Had to expect it eventually.

    Since the review occurred last fall, I really can't remember anything about it. Is it possible that my bottle was bad? Always a possibility. Is it possible that tastes and preferences differ? Absolutely!

    Keep in mind that the goal of LIBA is to let people say what they think about beer without having to fear ridicule and insult.

    Very soon I'll be launching a new slogan for the site. I think this is a good time to introduce it for the first time: "Don't take beer or life too serious".

    Thanks for stopping by.


  7. Great review, Ive had it before and i'm not a huge fan either, Just so so. PS your bashing was handled well. :)

  8. Great site! No lambasting here, but just for an FYI, Kona teamed with Redhook and others a few years back to form the Craft Beer Alliance (http://craftbrewers.com). This allows great west coast ales like Widmer Brothers (Oregon) and Kona (along with Goose Island) to form an East Coast presence without expensive set-up costs. So Pistophocles should see Kona popping up in more liqour stores (esp. those that already carry Redhook… if they carry Redhook, but not Kona, ASK!)

    Don't let the haters hate… keep up the great work!


  9. I have never had this beer before, but since LIBA decided it was not good, I will never try this beer, ever! Ok not true, although his reviews are usually spot on, I like to try the beers myself, I think that is what being a craft beer lover is all about! Respect others taste buds and learn your own! Well done J!

  10. I am a big lager fan. I had several Longboards (on tap) at JC’s Northside tavern at 127th St. in Ocean City, MD along with some awesome blackened ahi tuna with wasabe mayo, cucumber slices, and wakame seaweed. WOW absolute great combo. The longboard was smooth and slightly sweet. It was a great brew to wash down some HOT delicious food. I would absolutely drink Longboard again!! From “the tap” may have been a huge plus over bottled flavor ….. and since it was tapped I am assuming it came from NH brewery crafter.

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