Moylan’s Celts Golden Ale –> A party in your mouth

Moylan's Celts Golden Ale
Tonight’s beverage of choice is Moylan’s Celts Golden Ale. Moylan’s is a California based brewer, and in case you’re really interested in visiting them, they provide a map on the bottle.

I’m enjoying this after a long day at work followed by a 3 hour statistics escapade. To be honest, during my stats class, I was thinking more about how this golden brew was going to taste than the covariance of BLAH BLAH BLAH. My expectations were: golden, malty deliciousness.

When I poured out the pint bottle, I was a little surprised by the cloudiness, as it took on an unfiltered look. No matter…on to tasting this beast.

My first thought: MMMMmmmalt
My second thought: MMMM … fruit?
My third thought: MMMM…honey?
My last thought: MMMM! Hops!

So now I’m intrigued. Foggy color, fruit, hops are all things I had not envisioned. Before I took a second sip, I had to cheat and read the label. Malt: Yes (obviously), Fruit: YES!, Honey: No, Hoppy finish: Yes!

So hey, look at that, I’m getting good at this!

To sum-up this review? This beer is great. The fruit undertone is deliciously mysterious…I still have no idea what’s hiding in there. Raspberry? Blueberry? Maybe no one know knows! 5.0% ABV, and very drinkable. You could totally drop a piece of orange in this pint and have a grand old time. Highly recommended.

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.