Sea Dog Wild Blueberry Wheat Beer

Sea Dog Wild Blueberry Wheat Beer
Sea Dog Wild Blueberry is blueberry through and through. From the scent to the taste (beginning to the end); you can even taste the blueberry when you inhale while near the rim of the glass.

The blueberry flavor is sweet. Most comparable to delicious blueberry muffins on a Sunday morning, however one might also throw out the resemblance to blueberry pancakes or grandma’s blueberry pie. Note: In a recent review I discussed the more sour Wachusett Blueberry. If you want to compare a sweet blueberry beer to a more dry/bitter blueberry beer, these two beers make for a good contrast.

The pour is light golden. 4.6ABV pretty much matches up with what it looks and tastes like. My brother-in-law and I easily killed a 6 pack tonight. There is significant *burp* carbonation. Funny side story: I once burped Sea Dog in a car. Good friend asked “what smells so good?” then almost got sick when I said it was a burp!

My non-existent hat is off to Sea Dog Brewing in Maine! From my perspective, Sea Dog Wild Blueberry is highly, highly recommended!!!

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.