St. Hubbins Abbey – High & Mighty Beer Co.

St. Hubbins Abbey - High & Mighty Beer Co.
I picked up St. Hubbins Abbey for two three main reasons:
1. It is brewed locally (Holyoke, MA).
2. The label advertised the beer as a rather hoppy and unfiltered, which sounded like a unique combo. Stay tuned, as I feel slightly misled on this front.
3. The price was right (~$6 for 1 pint 6oz.)

The label on this bottle has very little printed on it, so what a better place start than the few things that the bottle DOES state…

“Delightfully hoppy and unfiltered…and why not?” –> How might you interpret this? Are we talking IPA level of hops? Who knows…I felt that I would be delighted if this had a IPA-comparable amount of hops, so I went for it. FAIL! While there is some spice and bite to the brew, it was far from having any significant hoppage. Although the label doesn’t distinctly state that this is a while ale, one might conclude this from the “Abbey” in the name…in lieu of not picking it up on the label, the taste definitely reveals distinct white ale flavors.

The look of the beer was definitely unique. It wasn’t the light caramel color, or the typical yeasty unfiltered cloudiness…but rather, in the fact that I distinctly saw black flecks floating around in there. Hopefully this is as-designed, and there are yummy spices dancing on my pallet (not rat turd, dirt, or the like)!

Despite feeling misled and confused about what I was getting, I’d still recommend St. Hubbins Abbey. It poured out pretty, and I’m intrigued by the mysterious black-floaties. It’s 6.2% ABV, and goes down easy. Great price, and I always enjoy supporting the locals!

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.