Bear Republic Hop Rod

Bear Republic Hop Rod
Tonight my friend/co-worker and I are avoiding a jewelry party that our wives are engaged in. The avoidance comes in the form of burritos, beer, and rock band on the Playstation.

Sean bought us a pint and a half of Bear Republic Hop Rod to review. I’m loving how much beer people now buy me!

The Hop Rod has a foamy, plentiful head. Reminds me of the froth on top of a homemade milkshake. The scent of grapefruit is strong.

The taste is dominated early on by sour/bitter grapefruit, and finishes with a kick of hops. Sean was a bit disappointed; the bottle promotes the fact that the beer is brewed using Rye, however the beer tastes like your standard IPA.

As “The Rod” warms up, it’s definitely getting more mild. Citrusy sweetness is poking through. I gave blood today, so I’m hoping that the 8% alcohol content isn’t going to kick my ass!

Although Sean was slightly disappointed, I think that this is another decent beer from Bear Republic. As you may recall, I thoroughly enjoyed their Red Rocket Ale.

Now…on to rocking out!

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.