Berkshire Maibock Lager

Berkshire Maibock Lager
Once in a while something cool happens at work…usually it’s non-work-related. Today was one of those days. A buddy that I recently met in graduate school (and who coincidentally works at my company) went out of his way to hook me up with a giant 1pt 6oz bottle of Maibock Lager. The stuff is local to Massachusetts and is brewed by Berkshire Brewing in Deerfield, MA. A big shout-out to Shayne for hooking me up. Hopefully he will make an appearance as a gust reviewer soon!

The Maibock poured with a big fluffy head that hung around for ages. 10 minutes later there is still a good 1/8 inch just sitting there! Looks yummy, like a frothy beer-latte.

There isn’t a lot of scent to it, although my wife and I are barefoot in the livingroom…so that may be concealing.

The taste has a uniqueness to it. Starts out malty sweet. Some mild citrus flavors in the middle somewhere. Not strong enough to be definitively from any given fruit. Finishes with just a whisper of hops. This is primarily a sweet beer though.

This is the first Berkshire I’ve had, and I’m a fan. If you’re keeping up with my blog, you’ll know I give props for uniqueness, so the Maibock gets a check for that. Also gotta love a local beer! Cheers!

Author: Joshua Dion

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3 thoughts on “Berkshire Maibock Lager”

  1. The first thing I thought when I read this was, how can you let a beer sit there for 10 minutes without drinking it? Don’t you know that poured beer gets lonely? I think my 2 favorite things about this beer are its size (I just wish I had some 12oz glasses) and its drinkability despite being full flavored. Great review! By the way, since it’s a seasonal beer, pick some up now… It won’t be long before I drink it all up!

  2. LOL. It was lonely! It kept calling my name. You have to be strong.

    I had a few people on Twitter ask where I got it. This one sparked a lot of interest.


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