Flying Dog – Dog Schwarz Smoked Double Lager

Flying Dog - Dog Schwarz Smoked Double Lager
Friends Sean & Kerry are visiting this evening. We enjoyed some Mediterranean food, and now we’re watching the Celtics vs Bulls game 7. Keeping fingers crossed that the Celtics finish off the Bulls tonight. The fine folks at Flying Dog gave me a heads up (via Twitter) that the Dog Schwarz would have bacon flavors…Sean and Kerry love bacon, so this is a perfect time to crack open this giant 750ml bottle.

The beer indeed has a bacony scent. Obvious woodiness. The taste follows the aroma pretty closely. This is not a heavy beer, and furthermore, the smoked flavor isn’t overpowering. My main reference point is the Schlenkerla Marzen, which was EXTREMELY woody and cheesy. “The Dog” isn’t anything like that. Smooth on the tongue, very little carbonation, 7.8% ABV.

Guest key comments are:

Kerry – “Kinda like drinking a Guinness in front of a campfire”.
Sean – “It’s a breakfast beer…I could see having it with pancakes & bacon”.

I’m personally glad that I had 2 people to help me drink this big bottle. Kerry in particular really enjoyed the beer, and polished the bottle off. While I enjoyed giving it a try, I’m thinking that smoke beers just aren’t my thing.

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Author: Joshua Dion

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