Holy Sheet Uber Abbey Ale

Holy Sheet Uber Abbey Ale
Holy Sheet Uber Abbey Ale is a dark auburn / mahogany color. It has very little head and no lacing.

The aroma comes pouring out of the bottle before the liquid has even made it into my glass. As I sat on the couch, (distracted by the Bruins playing game 6 against the Hurricanes) I was wondering what the sourish scent was waffling around. I’m not sure what I am smelling though! Pretty much completely lost on the smell, and I’m not going to make anything up.

Nice and bubbly in the mouth. Smooth. 9% ABV, doesn’t taste a lick stronger than 7%.

The beer is deliciously mysterious. It’s absolutely full of flavor, but like the smell, my lousy newbie tongue can’t put names to flavors! It’s definitely not bitter or hoppy. I’m picking up mostly sweet with a sour finish. Whatever…screw it…time to stop thinking about it and time to just sit and enjoy it!

This beer will have you saying HOLY SHEET! Truly unique! My pants, errrr, hat is off to Clipper City Brewing.

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.

4 thoughts on “Holy Sheet Uber Abbey Ale”

  1. The sour smell is a standard part of many a Belgian style Abbey ale – if you can get hold of Trappist ales like Orval and Rochefort you will smell more of that.

  2. Velky:

    The only other sour beer I had was the Monk’s Flemish, which was awful! The Holy Sheet was much less sour, and I enjoyed it 100 times more. I’ll be looking forward to drinking more Abbey Ales in the future. I’m running low on brews in the fridge, so maybe there will be more Abbey Ale in my fridge before the month is over!


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