Newport Storm Hurricane Amber Ale

Newport Storm Hurricane Amber Ale

The last couple of reviews I did were the Spring Ale and Summer Ale from Coastal Extreme Brewing (Rhode Island). Tonight I’m drinking the last of the three varieties I picked up: Newport Storm Hurricane Amber Ale.

Just like the Summer Ale, the bottle gushed upon opening it. I’m guessing that this indicates a problem with the bottling process. This time I only lost 1/8 of the beer on the floor.

Amber in color. Looks, acts, and tastes like a light IPA. Malty with a bit of hops. Slightly citrusy. A fair amount of bubble. I like the fact that that this is a full-flavored semi-light beer (5% ABV).

Of the three Newport Storm beers I tried, I’d have to say that the Amber Ale was the best.

Author: Joshua Dion

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