Newport Storm Spring Ale

Newport Storm Spring Ale
I’m a little giddy tonight. It’s Thursday, and instead of work tomorrow I get to go play golf. The only downside is the forecast…mostly cloudy or rain all day (depending on which weather report I look at). Beats work though, right?

Last night I tried the Newport Storm Summer Ale. I guess I tried things out of order, because tonight’s choice is Newport Storm Spring Ale.

Dark copper, almost mahogany in color. 5.0%. Not a lot of head, some lace.

The Spring Ale doesn’t lie to me like the Summer Ale did: the label clearly states its real intentions (Irish Style Red Ale). And that’s pretty much what it tastes like! Red Ale is one of my favorite types of beer…will this one stack up?

Meh. Just as I said with the Summer Ale, this is a good beer, but nothing terribly unique. Pretty decent bitterness, but not overkill. 31 IBU. That’s all I got.

Author: Joshua Dion

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