Newport Storm Summer Ale

Newport Storm Summer Ale
When I pop the top of a beer and it pulls a “volcano” on me immediately, I don’t get warm fuzzy feelings. In Googling just now, overflowing at opening could indicate that bacteria got into the beer. Is this just for home-brews though? Does gushing in a bottled commercial beer indicate bacteria as well? Hopefully someone will comment.

This summer ale is a caramel color. Not a lot of head. I guess most of the head ended up on the kitchen floor. If I could teach my dog Brady to type, he’d give a glowing review. He’s serves as a make-shift mop.

This is an odd Summer Ale if you ask me. Tastes more like a hoppy IPA.

Oh wait! A quick trip to the brewery’s website reveals that this is LOADED with hops (48 IBU) and is none other than an India Pale Ale. WTF? Can I scream false advertising?

In order to get to the rest of the review, I was forced to correct the label.

AHHHH much better!

Citrusy indeed. Good sweet maltiness up front. Bitter hops roll to the back of the mouth slo-motion-like and then just kinda hang out for awhile. 6.1% ABV. It’s your average IPA, but it’s local so it gets my love.

Oh, and getting back to where we started, nothing tasted funky in terms of bacteria-related-gushing.

Author: Joshua Dion

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