Redhook Slim Chance

Redhook Slim Chance
Slim Chance is a low-calorie light beer offering from Redhook Brewery in New Hampshire. I’m going to have to take a different approach to reviewing this beer, as the target market for this beer is MUCH different from the beers I typically review.

It’s a light beer, and it acts/smells/tastes like on. Given that, let’s compare it to other light beers:

Calories: 125

Analysis: Higher than competition-
Bud Light: 110
Coors light: 104
Michelob Light: 113
Miller Lite: 96

ABV: 3.9

Analysis: Weaker than competition-
Bud Light: 4.2%
Coors light: 4.15%
Michelob Light: 4.3%
Miller Lite: 4.2%

I do appreciate that a smaller brewery is trying to compete in the light beer market with the “big boys”. That said, from a business perspective, it appears that the Slim Chance isn’t matching up. From my tasting, it’s indistinguishable from other light beers. Goes down like water…probably because it’s mostly water. :)

Author: Joshua Dion

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