Arcadia Ales Hop Rocket

Arcadia Ales Hop Rocket
Tonight my wife and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary by going to Upstairs on the Square in Cambridge. Had an absolutely delicious 7-course vegetarian tasting menu. Now we’re sitting down and watching a romantic movie (Kill Bill Vol. 2). :)

Figured I haven’t reviewed a beer in a couple days, so I cracked a bottle of Arcadia Ales Hop Rocket.

It’s thoroughly citrusy. Grapefruity deliciousness. The name “Hop Rocket” invokes images of a hop explosion. Actually not all that bitter. I read that it’s 111 IBU. If that’s true, either I’m REALLY getting used to hoppy bears, or the sweetness of fruit is masking the hops.

It’s 9% ABV, which isn’t surprising. It’s getting late, so I’m hoping this acts as a nice night cap.

On a final note, Kill Bill is a frickin odd movie.

Author: Joshua Dion

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