Saranac Black Forest

Saranac Black Forest
I have to admit: I was REALLY hoping that the the Saranac Black Forest would taste like a big chocolate/cherry flavored cake. That would be an exciting beer to drink in my opinion.

So my hopes were crushed…OK, not crushed. They were pretty ridiculous. Instead, I got a decent tasting dark, malty flavor.

I don’t have a lot to say about it. Very little aroma. Carmel flavors. Very little bitterness. Fairly bland actually. Smooth and thin. Goes down quick.

Author: Joshua Dion

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6 thoughts on “Saranac Black Forest”

  1. I dunno, a rich cherry-chocolate beer sounds good! 😀 I may just have to make one now, just to see…

  2. You obviously have something against Saranac beers. My wife and I and our friends have been drinking nothing but micro-brews for over two decades now. Black Forest; probably the best beer I have ever had. And it gets high reviews from all my friends too. Maybe you got a “bad” bottle. Not sure. You should try it on tap. definitely the best beer on tap I have ever had.

    1. Steve:

      That’s the cool thing about beer. It’s 80% subjective. One guy can love a beer while another hates it.

      That all said, it has been a long time since I tried Saranac and they probably deserve another shot.


  3. Black Forest came out sort of by accident. It was produced by Saranac many years ago for a brew pub someplace down South, I believe in the Carolinas. The Brew Pub folded so the Saranac folks were left with many kegs of this beer. So they distributed it to some restaurants and bars in upstate, NY just to get rid of it, and people craved it. So they went into production and made it a regular brew. I first had it in an old in by the Thendara, NY Railroad station after a ride on the Adirondack RR. That’s how I heard how the beer started. My wife and I just moved to Prestonsburg, KY where we cannot get Saranac, and have to drive to Huntington, WV to get it. Try Saranac Maple Porter or Vanilla Stout. I do get the KY Bourbon Barrel Ale in local restaurants!

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