Augustiner Edelstoff

Augustiner Edelstoff
My sister-in-law Michelle and her husband Dave went on a European tour for their honeymoon last year. On the way, they drank many a beer. They took brief notes, which unfortunately are too short to post as retro-active reviews on the blog. On top of that, they have had trouble finding their favorites state-side! A couple of weekends ago they lucked out and found one of their top 5 in a local liquor store: Augustiner Edelstoff.

They brought a bottle for me and my father-in-law (Jim) to co-review. Free beer = awesome. :)

The beer smelled sweet. I picked up the scent of coriander as well.

The beer was light golden, but not light golden like an American beer (e.g. Coors light). It was silky and smooth…not light in mouthfeel or taste at all. Not light at 5.7% either!

Worth noting that Jim typically enjoys dark beers because they have more flavor. Despite the light color of Augustiner Edelstoff, he ended up enjoying it because of the rich flavors. For me, the flavor was malty sweet. What really stood out was the buttery flavor.

All around, it was an interesting beer to try. Because of the deep buttery flavor, it was different from any beer I’ve tried.

Author: Joshua Dion

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