Haverhill Haver Cream Ale

Haverhill Haver Cream Ale
I was TOTALLY going to take tonight off of reviewing, however boredom got the best of me. A freshly poured Haverhill Haver Cream Ale sits in front of me. I’ve never had anything from the Haverhill brewery. My fridge is stocked with a few bottles of their stuff, and this is the first I’m trying. The beer is brewed out of Haverhill, Massachusetts…so this is a local beer for me.

I’m a HUGE fan of cream soda, so I’m hoping I get similar flavors. The aroma does have hints of vanilla, which is promising. The initial taste only vaguely reminds me of a cream soda. More hops than I expected. My plan is to let it warm up and see if sweetness prevails. In the meantime…

Alcohol content registers at 4.5% ABV. Significant carbonation. Burping my ass off here. Mouthfeel is thoroughly creamy and smooth.

The beer warmed up. Bitterness did fade. Buttery, malty flavors are prevalent. In the end, I wouldn’t ever mistake this for a cream soda. Between the super-creamy mouthfeel and the buttery sweet taste, it does make a delicious and unique beer.

This is actually just what the doctor ordered. Many of the beers I have recently reviewed have been “blah”; good beers that lacked character. To Haverhill brewery, I tip my [goofy-looking golfers] hat [that my wife didn’t want me to get, hated when I got, and now loves because I “look cute”].

Check out Haverhill’s (modest) website here.
And also check them out on twitter here.

Author: Joshua Dion

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