North Coast Brother Thelonious

North Coast Brother Thelonious
Tonight I’m drinking my woes away. Last Friday my car bit the dust, and now I’m trying to decide if I will buy a new or used car. Don’t really feel like having two car loans (we bought my wife’s Honda Accord Coupe last summer). I have a great story to tell surrounding the car dying, which I’ll leave to my next review (no worries…I’m doing two reviews tonight!)

As soon as I poured the Brother Thelonious, I knew I was in for an exciting experience. The head started to fizz like a soda. WTF causes that? The head (obviously) disappeared rapidly.

The smell is pungent, and although I’m having trouble identifying specific scents, I DEFINITELY detect alcohol. So much so, that I quickly grabbed the bottle and fumbled it around to see what the ABV was (9.4%).

The beer is a Belgian style abbey ale. I sort of knew what that meant, but decided to google anyway. I came up with this informative link. It’s a quick read!

The flavors I’m experiencing are deep and rich. Not bitter at all. I want to say that there is something in there like raisins or maybe currant, but just can’t tell. The flavor is slightly sour as well. Despite the strong alcoholic aroma, the flavor of booze is completely masked. I hate when a beer is too complex for my tongue. Then again, it’s kinda exciting too…not knowing what kind of deliciousness you are tasting.

I’m quickly finding that North Coast Brewery kicks major ass. The Old Rasputin was amazing and the Pranqster was great. Unique beers that taste great. I still have a lot of their beers to try, but I’m getting the feeling that they are going to shoot to the top of my “favorite breweries” list.

Author: Joshua Dion

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