North Coast Old No. 38 Stout

North Coast Old No. 38 Stout
Before I start the review, I have to tell the story of my car dying. Last Friday night while driving home on Interstate-95, the car’s engine had a complete meltdown. The time line went like so:

10:30pm – Car breaks down in Woburn.
10:45pm – Taxi arrives to take my wife and Brady 30+ miles home.
11:00pm – I crap on the side of I-95. (I poop when I’m nervous)
11:30pm – AAA arrives to tow the car.
11:45pm – Tow truck driver has to stop for a couple who ran out of gas. We find a man attempting to pour gasoline into his car using a water pitcher from a restaurant, which isn’t working. AAA gases them up. Me and the AAA driver have a good chuckle.
12:00am – AAA has to do a lockout call before we can leave Woburn. Pull up to the call and find that a drunk kid has locked his keys in the car. We watch as kid pisses on the sidewalk essentially right next to the AAA guy. We have another good chuckle.
12:45am – Finally back in my home town with AAA. Drop the car off at some shop I’ve never been to. Wife picks me up.
1:15am – Bedtime.

Clearly, you can’t make this shit up. Anyhow, now I can move on to the review…

Just coming off the review of North Coast Brother Thelonious, I’m feeling pretty tipsy. That stuff was ruggedly delicious. Should make for an interesting review of Old No. 38 Stout (also by North Coast).

Old No. 38 Stout is deep dark in color. Head that lasts forever. I’m guessing the ABV is up there. Not because I keep mis-typing, but because I get a heavy smell of alcohol.

The flavor is a little sour actually. Bitter and sour. Not in a bad way. Took 10 minutes, but I finally decided that the predominant flavor is liquorish. Smooth in the mouth…little carbonation.

Crap…I have to get up at 5:00 to go golfing. I suppose I should hit the hay! My final comment would be that the other North Coast brews were more enjoyable than the Old 38.

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.