Otter Creek Otter Summer

Otter Creek Otter Summer
Note: The following is a guest review from my good friend Kerry. She has done co-reviews with me before. This is her first solo review. She’s an excellent cook, and an all-around foodie. Check her blog out at

After a long day of housework, I needed a beer. I sent the husband to
the liquor store to get something other than the IPA we had in the
fridge. He came back with a six-pack of Otter Creek Summer Ale. We have
tried lots of different summer ales this season and this was a new one.

I drank one of these before Josh asked me to do a guest review. I didn’t
pour the first one into a glass — to me it tasted like it was a darker
summer ale. However, I was surprised when I did pour the beer into a
pint glass at the light color. It’s a crystal clear, light color — much
like mass market American pilsners.

Little head. Lots of bubbles. The aroma is subtle. I can really only get
a faint yeasty beer aroma. Light in taste, but there is plenty of good
beer flavor. Not super bitter or hoppy, but very well-rounded.

I’d say it’s almost a perfect summer beer. Thirst quenching, bubbly, and
I could drink a whole six-pack during a day of grilling and relaxing
outdoors. It’s what people like in Miller and Bud but with a whole lot
more taste.

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.