Saranac Brown Ale

Saranac Brown Ale
So I’m running on very little sleep. I woke up at 5:15 this morning to go golfing, but this ridiculous non-stop rain stopped me from going. Once I’m up, I’m up for good, so now it’s 10:45pm and my eyes are heavy. I’m also pretty toasted tonight. Among other beers, I had a couple of Flying Dog Horn Dog 12 ouncers. If you’re not informed, these puppies pack a whollop at over 10% ABV each.

Tonight I also had some Saranac Pomegranate Wheat. I wish I had taken notes, as it was the best Saranac I have had yet. Very unique. Who the F makes pomegranate flavored beer?!?! Whatever…it was pretty damn tasty. Best part was when I told my wife to smell it to see how much it smelled like pomegranate (it smelled nothing like fruit, and she gagged on the beer scent) *chuckle*…I’m so evil.

On to the real review though. Saranac Brown Ale.

This bad-boy poured with a ton of head. OK, so 90% of it was a bad pour. In my stupor I basically turned the bottle vertical into my glass. Nonetheless, the head was through and was thick. It’s still hanging around as I type. The lace left over is also thick and reminds me of that fake-ass snow-crap that you spray on your windows during the holiday seasons in order to feel festive.

The taste of the beer is brown. Brown? What?

I’m listening to Atreyu – Becoming the bull. Good times. Wait…back to the taste….

It’s a pretty standard brown ale. Full flavored though. Not a bad beer at all. Dark in color, but not thick at all. Goes down easy, especially after all the beer I’ve had tonight.

WOO! Dragonforce is on the headphones now!

Author: Joshua Dion

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