Saranac Pale Ale vs Shipyard Chamberlain Pale Ale – The Showdown

Saranac Pale Ale vs Shipyard Chamberlain Pale Ale
Last night was cleaning night. Vacuuming, cleaning toilets…the whole nine yards. I wasn’t feeling sexy afterward, thus no review. Tonight is a different story. Played PS3 for 2 hours, and now sitting down with a plate of spaghetti to watch Miracle at St. Anne with the wifey. It’s beer review’n time!

Tonight I’m having a pale ale showdown. Saranac vs Shipyard. Maine vs New York. Who will win?

The Pour
I tried to pour the two beers identically, so I could compare head. The Shipyard was more flat, only a half-inch of head. The Saranac had much more foamage.

The Color
Saranac is slightly darker. Like a dirty penny. Or in other words, dark copper.

The Aroma
The Saranac had the most scent initially. Probably because of the amount of head hanging around. It’s tough comparing the scent, as I have to smell one, wait a few minutes, and try the other. Generally, I think the Saranac has more aroma. Saranac is more hoppy, and Shipyard more citrusy.

The Taste
I have to step back and think about how I will approach this. I guess I could drink all of one, then all of the other. Will my pallet be goofed up by then? Probably. I could also trade sips between the two…that seems like it could be a problem as well. Man, sometimes life is so hard. I guess I’ll go with the latter approach, but try to cleanse my pallet a little between sips.

Saranac – Bitter, no citrus. Dry. Maybe even metallic.
Shipyard – Slightly sweeter. No citrus, although I thought I smelled it. Milder aftertaste. Dry, but less so.

Both got sweeter as they warmed.

The Alcohol
Saranac: 5.5%
Shipyard: 4.9%

The Verdict
I prefer the Shipyard. Not down with the harsh bitterness that Saranac brought to the table…at least not this evening.

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.