Shipyard Export Ale

Shipyard Export Ale
My first introduction to Shipyard was my freshman year in college. Back in those days, I had just been turned onto beer. We were poor, so we drank all kinds of college “specialties” such as Bud Ice, Ice House, and the almighty Natural Ice. Ahhh…Naty Ice = fond memories. We won’t talk about when we got REALLY poor and were buying 40 ouncers.

Back to how I met Shipyard. One of my roommates loved the stuff. Always had one in his hands. Always offered to let me have some, but my college pallet rejected it. I mean, my mouth was used to the best of the Natural Ice best!

This Shipyard that sits in front of me is actually the first time I’ve had the beer since those college days. I’m interested to find out if my roommate actually had good taste.

I bought a mixed 12-pack of Shipyard, which includes:
* Shipyard Chamberlain Pale Ale
* Shipyard Export
* Shipyard IPA
* Shipyard Old Thumper

The Export is a lovely light amber color. It has a light citrus aroma. The beer is milder than expected, and is actually lacking in flavor…to the point where I can’t tell what style of beer it is (I didn’t read the label). It’s buttery and malty. It’s pretty light and has an ABV of 5%. Upon re-inspection I see that it is an American Ale.

Overall, I’d give the beer an average rating. It would definitely be a good pool-side beer, as it is light and summery.

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.