Shipyard Old Thumper Extra Special Ale

Shipyard Old Thumper Extra Special Ale
Sitting outside on a Sunday afternoon. 80 degrees and mostly sunny. Cool breeze. Yesterday was the same. Yesterday I was poolside, today I’m sitting reading a book and drinking this Shipyard Old Thumper. With the exception of a few mosquito bites, a perfect weekend.

The Old thumper is definitely a drink that gets better as it warms. Terribly bitter straight from the fridge. After sitting for 10-15 minutes, bitterness fades and sweetness protrudes. Still plenty of grapefruity hops mixed in.

Nore: Al though I enjoy the Thumper (once it warmed) it isn’t a very good summer beer in my opinion. I should be throwing back Coors light right about now, but the wife put the foot down. Apparently, beer taking up both crispers and the entire bottom shelf of the fridge means that I have “enough beer”. Psssh…can you ever have enough beer?

No comments on color, head, aroma. Today I’m drinking out of the bottle! Enjoy what’s left of your weekend folks. I’m moving on to Shipyard IPA. It’s a two-review kinda day.

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.