Speakeasy Double Daddy IPA

Speakeasy Double Daddy IPA
Just got back from an awesome beer run. I bought a whole slew of new stuff to review! I’m most pumped about the various Dogfish Head beers I found. Check out the bottom right hand side of this page in the “queued up!” section to see all the stuff I got.

All that beer shopping made me thoroughly thirsty! I only had three beers left from my prior purchases, and Speakeasy Double Daddy IPA is one of em. Bottoms up.

This is a fruity IPA. Grapefruit flavor permeates the smell. I’m also picking up raisins I believe. Same with the taste, although the taste is a bit more complex. There is something here that I can’t put my finger on, and I like it. This one is definitely getting better as it warms. Sweetness is increasing, and bitterness is becoming more mild.

I’m blown away to learn that this clocks in at 9.5% ABV. It definitely doesn’t taste that high.

All around, I like this one a lot. Not too bitter. Not too sweet. A little funky in the mouth, and pleasant on the nose. Good stuff.

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.