Great Divide Samurai Rice Ale

Great Divide Samurai Rice Ale
It’s the middle of the summer and I have a head cold. WTF is with that? I haven’t had a cold in probably 18 months, so I guess I’m due. The wife urged me to do a beer review even though I can’t smell a thing. What a great wife…urging me to drink beer. Gotta love that. I’m really hoping I don’t regret picking this Great Divide Samurai for tonight; it is a rice ale, and if my cold ruins the beer, I’ll be ticked.

Aroma: As stated, I’m completely stuffed up. The wife says “it smells strongly of beer”, or something to that effect. Or is it “affect”? I never get that whole effect/affect thing right.

The color is golden yellow. Quite cloudy. Very, very bubbly. Oh…and backing up a minute, it had a pretty decent head that stuck around.

So I’ll have to confess…thanks to this cold, I can barely taste a thing in this beer. It made me feel a little better when a fellow twitter beer buddy (@jeastep) told me that the beer is pretty light and isn’t full flavored anyway.

Not that it’s worth much given my cold, my thoughts are that it’s similar to a light pilsner. Light, but with a bite of hops at the tail end. It’s probably an excellent summer beer. While I’m not completely crushed that I tried the beer with a cold, I will probably pick up another bottle during the next beer run simply because it’s my first rice beer and I want to really see what it is like.

Peace out beer-homies. I have some snot to blast from my nose and some yellow gunk to cough up.

Author: Joshua Dion

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