North Coast Scrimshaw

North Coast Scrimshaw
Another 95 degree day in New England. Thank God for air conditioning. Today at work was pretty slow. The only thing that saved the day from dragging on was 4-5 meetings. Now at home, I’m enjoying some chili and this North Coast Scrimshaw.

The Scrimshaw poured with a ton of head. I really didn’t read the label to understand what kind of a beer it was (pilsner), and thus ended up with a bunch of head. Honestly, It reminds me way more of a wheat beer (e.g. Hefe). Not only the head, but the color (hazy orange) and scent (lightly citrusy).

Of course I just screwed this review up by taking a few bites of spicy chili. I wasn’t aware that this chili was going to have so much kick. Time to fall-back on the sour cream and bread to cool off the pallet. While I do so, let me digress a little bit…

This weekend I made the first mod to my new car. I took all the wheels off and painted the calipers (brakes) red. It’s an easy modification that looks real sharp. The next upgrade, scheduled for the coming weekend, is pulling the front and rear Hyundai symbols off, and replacing them with upgraded ones. The result will be that people wonder even more what kind of car I am driving. I’m pretty stoked all around.

Back to the review (with a cool tongue)…

Scrimshaw is relatively light. A decent summery drink. Low carbonation. Smooth. After it warmed up a bit, I found it really wasn’t bursting with a ton of flavor. Compare that to my first sip out of the fridge, which was strong and almost sour tasting. There is definitely some citrus in the flavor. In general it is right in-between sweet and bitter.

Funny, a Miller Lite commercial just came on. If I were to compare these two pilsners, Scrimshaw wins hands down: not that this is much of match-up.

Author: Joshua Dion

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