Pinkus Hefe-weizen

Pinkus Hefe-weizen
A couple of weeks ago I got a chance to go to the Organic Garden Cafe, which is a raw food / vegan restaurant in Beverly, Ma. While I was there, I tried the Pinkus Organic Hefe-weizen.

I have to admit, I made a rookie reviewer mistake with this beer. I asked for a lemon with the beer, and before smelling or tasting it I squeezed the lemon into the glass. DOH! I recovered from my mistake by taking advantage of the fact that there was a few swigs left in the bottle.

The beer reminded me of UFO. Wheaty, lots of carbonation. Went down mad-quick! Loved the fact that it was organic.

Author: Joshua Dion

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1 thought on “Pinkus Hefe-weizen”

  1. Very good. Made in the last brewery in the city I live in. I'm very fond of all their beers, and for a northern Weizen, it's pretty good. A lovely summer beer.

    Incidentally, all their beers are organic, and they don't seem to make a big deal out ot it as they turned organic ages ago. If you can get their Muenster Alt (or sometimes the label just says Obergarige) try it. It's very different from what people usually consider to be an altbier, being much paler, and less dark-malty, but it's the last example of Muenster Alt, and I love the slightly citric, sour note. Apparently it's lagered for 7 months before being released. Their Jubilate and Special are also very good.

    That lable is very different from the labels on the bottles here. Alot more color 😀

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