Dogfish Head Black and Blue

Dogfish Head Black and BlueNote: If you missed my last review, I recommend that you back up and read it before proceeding. You need a little back-story on the co-review we were doing for this beer.

Sean and Kerry brought a giant bottle of Dogfish Head Black and Blue to the Patriots party. The three of us split it and shared our thoughts. Not surprisingly, the comments were varied.

The beer pours with a ton of head. I only figured this out after botching the pour on two of the three glasses. In my defense, as the bottle was emptying I noticed a significant amount of head flowing out of the bottle. Thus, it wasn’t completely the fault of the pourer in question.

Black and Blue is a berry flavored beer. I personally thought that it was wine-cooler-esc. I wasn’t getting any bitterness, although Sean and Kerry thought there was some. Kerry specifically thought it was more bitter than sweet. She was also convinced that her taste buds were way off.

Speaking of taste buds…slight detour….did you know that there are vast differences in the number of taste buds that people have? The number you have relates to what kinds of food you like (obviously). It ALSO can have a direct impact on your weight. You can watch a video discussing it on the Dr. Oz. Website. Definitely interesting stuff, a well spent 7 minutes for anyone who’s into tasting things. P.S. I know…a dude shouldn’t be watching Dr. Oz. The wife DVRs it and watches it with me around. Turns out that some of the topics are interesting.

Anywho, back to the black and blue (that rhymed!).

So back to what I was saying. Kerry – Bitter. Me – Sweet. Sean had an opinion somewhere in the middle; he thought it tasted like a lambic but more bitter. In his opinion, the beer simply wasn’t good enough to warrant the $16 price tag. I’d probably agree. It tasted more like pureed berries than a beer. This one goes on the [incredibly small] list of DFH beers that I’m not a fan of.

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.