Great Divide Denver Pale Ale

Great Divide Denver Pale Ale
Today was fun filled. I stayed home from work to continue the battle against the flea infestation in my house. Step one was to bring the dog to get a professional flea bath. While he was gone, step two involved spraying the entire house with anti-flea chemicals. Good times. When I get cancer, I’ll definitely know what to blame it on. Step three was to wash every single piece of linen in the entire house.

Tonight marks the beginning of our week-long vacation (9 days including weekends). Hopefully it also marks the end of the flea party. I’m celebrating with a
Great Divide Denver Pale Ale.

I kinda dragged on in my intro for a reason…this beer doesn’t have a lot of character. It’s a pale ale alright. Light in color. Good head, good lacing. More on the bitter side rather than the sweet side. Sweet notes do poke through here and there. For a little while I had myself convinced I was tasting honey. I’ve since talked myself out of it, but could easily be swayed again.

If my short-term memory serves me correctly, the Great Divide brews have been hit or miss. I don’t recall any of them being bad. Either they are good, or just average. The Denver Pale Ale falls into the average category.

Author: Joshua Dion

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