Haverhill Whittier White

Haverhill Whittier White
I spent today at the in-laws. They threw a big end-of-summer party. I spent the day getting my butt kicked at horseshoes. My wife’s great uncle and grandfather can definitely toss a shoe! Uncle Al also follows my blog (Hey Al!). What a great day though. Mid-60s and barely a cloud in the sky. Now I’m watching an AWFUL movie called obsessed. One of those stupid flicks where a crazy woman stalks a guy, turns his wife against him (or tries to kill his wife), and in the end (probably) falls out of a window. The movie is only half over, but I know where it’s going.

I’m drowning my “watching a crap-ass movie” sorrow in a bottle of Whittier White from Haverhill Brewery. I think this beer has been sitting in my fridge for quite a while now. It’s due to be drankified.

The Whittier poured with plenty of head. That said, I actually expected more.

Unfortunately, at 5% ABV, it would take a half-dozen of these to make me forget how awful this movie is. We’ve made it to the part where the wife starts to turn on the husband, doesn’t believe that the crazy lady is making up the whole affair. Kill me now.

The beer smells bready and spicy. Tastes the same. Citrus was making an appearance…checking the label, it indicates that orange peel is used. I don’t get a lot of carbonation on the tongue, but I am burping up a storm.

I’ve run out of things to say about the beer…mostly because I think this movie is sucking my will to live.

Author: Joshua Dion

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