Southern Tier Creme Brulee Stout

Southern Tier Creme Brulee Stout
It’s Sunday night and vacation is all but over. We had a blast and make little day trips each day this week. On Thursday we headed to Providence, RI in the morning to visit the zoo. (The monkeys say hello.) On a side-note, let me just say that going to the zoo on a weekday morning while school is in session is absolutely the best. No screaming kids, no crowds fighting to see the animals. For the first hour of our visit, we had the zoo to ourselves. Following the zoo, we headed to Julian’s for lunch. Julian’s is an excellent restaurant that my Twitter beer buddy RunawayJimPVD suggested to me.

The restaurant is small, but has awesome food and a great beer selection. I found Southern Tier Creme Brulee Stout on tap. I haven’t ever heard of a creme brulee beer, so I had to get it (even though I was absolutely sure it was a dessert beer).

The brew was served in a short wine glass. There was very little head/lace, although I didn’t see it get poured. The aroma was creme brulee through and through. I was absolutely delighted at this point. Never mind the fact that it was 11:30am…I was gonna enjoy this beer regardless of how sweet it was.

The taste was sweeter than I had even imagined. This beer is just about the sweetest beer I’ve ever tried. Vanilla and caramel dominate. Swirling the beer around in my mouth, I thought I sensed maple in there somewhere as well. The 10% ABV was clearly present, appearing in the taste as a warming boozy aftertaste. Finally, it is worth noting that the beer was phenomenal even stone cold. No need to wait for this puppy to warm up.

I’m not even that big of a creme brulee fan. Sure, I’ll eat it…but it’s never my first choice. As for creme brulee beer…bring it on! LOVED IT.

One final note – Since I got the beer on draft I didn’t have a picture of the bottle. After ranting about the beer to my bud Sean, he went out and got some…and in the process happened to email me a picture of the bottle!

Author: Joshua Dion

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