Weyerbacher Zotten & Great Divide Belgica

Weyerbacher Zotten & Great Divide Belgica
Tuesday. 8:02pm. Chronicles of Riddick (Dark Fury) on the tube. An animated movie. Let’s hope it doesn’t suck. Borrowed the Chronicles of Riddick trilogy from my sister-in-law, so worst case we’ll just pop in Pitch Black. That movie kicks so much ass.

As I stroll to the fridge to select tonight’s beer, I scrounge through the 15 beers resident in the lower left hand crisper…look, a Belgian Pale ale. WAIT! A SECOND Belgian Pale ale. Victory! Double-review time!!!

Beer #1 is Wyerbacher Zotten.
Beer #2 is Great Divide Belgica.

Pour: Both were similar. LOTS of head, so watch out. The Weyerbacher had the most head between the two.

Color: Again, very similar. Both are a cloudy golden color. The Belgica is just a touch lighter in color.

ABV: Zotten – 6%, Belgica – 7.2%

Aroma: Incredibly different. The Zotten smells similar to last night’s Belgian White. Bready and spicy. The Belgica, on the other hand, is completely foreign and unique in aroma. Smells nothing like any beer I have whiffed. Smells a little sour. Maybe figs or banana as well.

Taste: The Zotten is spicy. Coriander. Malty sweet more than bitter. Not sure what I’m tasting in the Belgica. Cheated a little and checked out what others were saying on beer advocate. A couple of people mentioned lemon, which I can see. It’s more of a spicy lemon though. Like tea with lemon. Pretty bitter through and through.

Mouthfeel: Zotten is smoooooth. Almost creamy. Belgica is lighter in the mouth. Goes down quicker. Surprising, as it is higher in ABV. I guess I associate ABV with thickness.

Summary: Zotten is delicious. Like just about everything about it. It lacks a little creativity, but I’ll let that go in favor of how great the beer is. Belgica is a little on the weird side. I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much. It does get very high marks for uniqueness.

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.