Newport Storm Kim (Cyclone Series)

Newport Storm KimTonight we’re chilling out at home. About to turn on some Sopranos (we’re into Season 2 now). Our dog is particularly well rested tonight, snoring his head off as I type. We won a free dog massage from Head-to-Tail Massage, and he just got done with the 30 minute session. While he was getting his rub-down, I popped open a bottle of Newport Storm Kim.

Kim (a 7.8% ABV Marzen Lager) is part of Newport Brewery’s Cyclone Series, which is apparently supposed to be “powerful and unique”.

I honestly don’t know what a Marzen is. The first Marzen I ever had was a Michelob one, which came out of their holiday mixed-12. Still one of my favorite Michelob beers! I had hoped that Kim would be as delicious.

All around the Kim let me down. It had minimal aroma. No head. It had a nice brownish/orange color to it, which was one redeeming quality.

As for mouthfeel and flavor, it’s got a lot of carbonation and tastes mildly hoppy. The aftertaste is metallic and not particularly enticing.

The beer definitely isn’t powerful. It isn’t all that unique either. This one gets a big old “meh” from me.

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.