Newport Storm Luke

Newport Storm LukeIt’s Columbus day. I had to frickin work, but I went in early so I could get out early. So now I’m home early waiting for the wife to come home. What better to do but review a beer?

Newport Storm Luke was at the top of the crisper beer pile. This is a India style red ale. I’m a little baffled here. I’ve had IRISH style reds before, but India?!? Is this some kind of twist on an IPA?

It certainly didn’t pour like any red ale I’ve seen before. Poured like a stout actually. I ended up with WAAAAAY too much head. That’s OK though, because it resulted in some seriouso lacing. So much in fact that the lace was brown in spots from the beer. Normally I only see white lace. Hey beer nerds! What does brown lace mean?

The color is a deep reddish brown. Mahogany maybe?

From the taste of it, this brew packs a punch (confirmed – bottle says 8.6% and 65 IBUs). It’s been awhile since I had a significantly hoppy beer.

The taste is dominated by “the bitter”. A hint of fruit is poking through, although unidentifiable. Hop heads should give this one a shot. Others should approach with caution.

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.