Allagash White

Allagash WhiteChilling out again tonight. James Bond on the telly. Bruins recording in the background. Dog passed out on the couch. Wife gorging on chips and hummus. If I had a dollar for every night just like this…

Keeping tonight unique is this Allagash White. My first ever Allagash brew. Somewhat (kinda-sort) local coming out of Maine. I’ve heard great things about this brewery.

I love one main thing about [most] white beers…the smell that immediately comes blasting out of the bottle. This one is no different and I got a shot of banana in the face. Wow…that came out kinda funny sounding. A-w-k-w-a-r-d.

The flavor is pretty damn solid. Dominated by cloves with spices in the background. No banana. Quite often whites smell like banana to me, but end up tasting nothing like it.

Beer goes down fast and leaves you belching. It’s only 5.2% ABV, which certainly lends to the drinkability. High marks for this brew. I can’t believe I almost decided against drinking it tonight!!Brady the Hound Doggy

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.

3 thoughts on “Allagash White”

  1. I tried this beer this weekend too. We were at Publick House in Brookline and the bartender recommended it as one of their most popular beers on tap. I liked it too. Lots of flavor, easy to drink, and a little sweet.

    My second beer was Chocolat by Southern Tier Brewing. I have a feeling you'll like this one since you seem to be a fan of the sweeter beers. This one is pourable, cool, slightly carbonated Hershey bar. Even though it's a stout, there's really no bitter to it.

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