Founders Dirty Bastard

Founders Dirty Bastard
After another lovely day at work, some exhilarating grocery shopping, and making fake-bacon BLTs for dinner, we are finally relaxing. As usual, in front of the TV; we are watching the movie Sahara tonight. After waiting an hour and a half to digest the two giant sandwiches I had, I’m finally cracking a beer. More precisely, a Founders Dirty Bastard scotch style ale.

I don’t recall the last time I had a scotch style ale. In fact, I don’t even know what constitutes a scotch style ale. Maybe someone will comment and enlighten me. :)

The beer had a great head. In fact, 10 minutes after I’ve poured it, there is still an eighth of an inch of foam on top.

Even though I let the beer warm up significantly, the flavor is over the top. Abrasively bitter. The taste doesn’t start that way. It starts like it smells: slightly sweet with a raisin flavor. It ends brutally bitter. For the first time in a long time, I’ve found a beer that I really don’t enjoy. So sad, as I recently fell in love with Founders when I tried their Breakfast Stout.
Founders Dirty Bastard

Author: Joshua Dion

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2 thoughts on “Founders Dirty Bastard”

  1. Yeah, its funny how you didn’t enjoy it because it is actually one of my top 5 favorite beers. I am still fairly new to the beer world but found it do go down easy for me. But everyone has their opinions on taste.

  2. This beer changes DRAMATICALLY in the bottle. I’ve found it delicious & thick -almost like you’re “eating” ale, rather than drinking it -when you get it from the Founders taphouse, but deluded & bitter when you drink it from the bottle.

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