Kona Pipeline Porter

It’s been months since I had a guest reviewer, and I’m very excited to have a couple of guest reviews lined up for this week. Tonight’s review comes to us from Silvio. I encourage you to check out his Twitter page at this link. I’m a big fan of his writing style and I hope you are also! Without further ado….

As an avid reader of this blog, I’m excited at the opportunity to review Kona Brewing Company’s Pipeline Porter. I don’t usually go for porters, but this beer truly sticks out from the crowd and I can say it’s one of my favorites.
Kona Brewing Company, founded in Hawaii, prides itself on using local flavors. True to this coal, Pipeline is flavored with 100% Kona coffee – and you can tell from your first sip. It tastes remarkably like an iced coffee, and is very crisp and refreshing. Pipeline is Kona’s fall and winter seasonal brew, but that’s a shame because it would be perfect for a late summer afternoon. With a 5.4% ABV, Pipeline packs a little bit of a punch, but is very drinkable, not thick and filling like many porters can be. Visually, Pipeline is quite dark, but does not have a thick foamy head.
Even though it’s made from Kona coffee, don’t worry about the caffeine carrying over during the brewing process. I was lucky enough to visit the Kona brewery in Kona, Hawaii this summer, and according to the guide on our brewery tour, you’d need to drink over 50 Pipelines to equal the caffeine you get from a single cup of coffee.
This is a good beer – but unless you really love coffee, you won’t want to enjoy an entire six pack in one sitting.

Author: Joshua Dion

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