Oskar Blues Ten Fidy Imperial Stout

Oskar Blues Ten Fidy Imperial StoutThe finale of my mini-series on canned craft brew is Oskar Blues Ten Fidy Imperial Stout. I’m glad I drank the IPA after the watermelon. At 9.5% ABV, this stout will likely put me to bed.

Despite goofing on the pour and getting 3 inches plus of head, the beer turned out looking pretty. Decent lacing, although given the pour I would have expected more of that foam to stick to the glass.

The aroma is different. Boozy. Raisins? Yeah…definitely raisins. How odd for a stout.

The flavor has me happily perplexed. I’m definitely getting the same boozy raisin flavor that I smelled, but there is much more in here. Roasted malts for sure. Recent stouts I have tried have been relatively easy to diagnose. Chocolate or coffee or vanilla usually are obvious to my otherwise stupid-ass tongue. Not with the Ten Fidy…I just can’t put my finger on the flavors here. Very complex. Quality beer we have here.

To wrap-up this night of canned beer I have to say that canned beer stacks up just fine against bottled beer. The fact that a perfectly good stout can come from a can is a testament to that. It’s been a night of many firsts: three new breweries, craft beer in cans, my first watermelon beer, and my first triple review evening! If you’ll excuse me, my head is a little light.

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.