Stone Ruination IPA

Stone Ruination IPA
Tonight I’m drinking my first ever beer from Stone Brewing (Escondido, CA). I totally shouldn’t be. I just got back from having a giant Thanksgiving dinner thrown by Big Brother Big Sister. Wish I had a video camera with me tonight to record the comments I got as I went down the serving line and said “No turkey” and had to explain how I’m a vegetarian (technically I’m a pescatarian, but I definitely wasn’t going to explain that!). Old people just straight-up don’t understand why you would choose to avoid meat.

This IPA smells like another big citrusy grapefruit monster. Looks like one too. Orange with a lot of whipped-looking head. Lots of lace and lingering foam. 7.7%.

According to the bottle, this beer is “a liquid poem to the glory of the hop”. I’m not so sure it’s a liquid poem…but it’s certainly hoppy. Sweet and citrusy up front. Not as much grapefruit as I expected though. Finishes bitter and oh-so-slightly piney.

Just an OK beer in my opinion.Stone Ruination IPA

Author: Joshua Dion

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2 thoughts on “Stone Ruination IPA”

  1. I also picked up a Ruination this weekend from the local 'liquid' store. I am a bit of a hop-head and am looking forward to comparing notes against your findings.

    Their Arrogant Bastard is equally hoppy, like most things from Stone. They do craft some beautiful beer.

    :-{) Cheers!

  2. Mr Reaper:

    I had to go back to my review of Arrogant Bastard to remember what I thought. Agreed…it was very hoppy. I remember enjoying it more than I did the IPA above.

    Thanks for stopping by to comment!


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