Allagash Tripel

Allagash Tripel
After gorging on tacos earlier tonight, I wasn’t going to do a review. Twitter-bud @TheArtofBeer convinced me that since she decided to throw one back, I was obligated to do the same. I suppose she is right!

My first Allagash (The White) was a few weeks back. I picked up this Tripel at the same time as the White and I’ve been saving it knowing that it was probably going to be a good beer.

The pour was pretty straight-forward. It’s cloudy light orange appearance was enough to make my wife say “that’s pretty!”. Coming from her, that’s a big complement. Limited head, but I think I figured out why. Ton of carbonation. Bubbles waging war against my mouth really.

In fact, the mouthfeel AND the taste are an assault on my senses. The beer reminds me of Orangina on crack….delicious, delicious crack. The fizzy hits you first, quickly followed by citrusy delights. Had I not read on the label that passion fruit is a key ingredient, I wouldn’t have been able to identify it (other than saying “there’s some kind of strange delicious fruit”). A complex concoction indeed.

At 9% ABV, I’m going to take my time sipping this one. Cheers ladies.

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.