Anchor 2009 Christmas Ale

Anchor 2009 Christmas AleToday I’m hosting yet another guest review. I’ve been casually recruiting via twitter under the umbrella of inviting beer newbies (or reviewing newbies) to come post here. Michael Green is a twitter acquaintance that answered the call and makes his debut reviewing Anchor 2009 Christmas Ale.

Bouquet/Aroma (Malt, Hops, Other Aromatic Characteristics)
Earthy aroma. I tend to think there is a hint of pine and other spices that are tough to pin down (nutmeg?). I don’t notice any distinct hoppy notes.

Appearance (Color, Clarity, Head Retention)
I’d say its color is a dark copper. The head poured kind of thick (less than two fingers) but disappeared without leaving any lacing (could be the glass I used).

Flavor (Malt, Hops Conditioning, Aftertaste, Balance, Other Flavor Characteristics)
I get a light licorice taste combines with some bitterness. Sweet start that moves to a bitter ending but not in an unappealing way. It’s a roasted, dry flavor that leaves a lingering taste in your mouth, almost a little burnt yet tasty.

Body (Full? Medium? Thin?)
I’d say this is a medium bodied beer. Lightly carbonated.

Drinkability & Overall Impression
I think this year’s Christmas Ale is a little lighter on the spices that previous years and that’s not a complaint. This is what I’d consider it a nicely flavored winter ale. I enjoyed it more as it warmed to room temperature. I don’t think I could enjoy drinking more than two of these in a sitting.

Author: Joshua Dion

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