Coney Island Lager

This post is a guest review courtesy Bob at You can also find Bob on Twitter. If me awful memory serves me correctly, Bob and I met via twitter. In any event, he wrote a good review, so take a gander!
Hurry, Hurry, Step right up to Coney Island Lager by Shmaltz Brewing Co,
Saratoga Springs, NY. – 5.5% ABV

I picked this beer out based solely on the Label, which is a combo of a Cheshire cat/tattooed carney. I guess this means I have a soft spot for sideshow freaks
and bearded ladies.

The beer pours without much head, (if I’m doing it correctly) it comes out a rich caramel color with a slight cloud.

The smell is a good hoppy smell. The label says it’s made from 8 different malts and 6 different hops. I believe it. I’m salivating, because this is the longest
interval I’ve ever had between opening a beer and drinking it.

After the initial sip, it seems very carbonated and has a rich taste w/ soft undertones of caramel almost a slightly sweet after taste. The flavor is not very heavy or complex, but it is certainly delicious. I would definitely buy this again.

Proceeds from the beer go to Coney Island USA 501(c)(3) to help support lost forms of American art and culture. You can’t go wrong with a good beer for a good cause.

Thanks for reading and thanks to Lost for the opportunity to do this guest review.

Author: Joshua Dion

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