Lagunitas Brown Shugga

Lagunitas Brown SuggaIt’s ridiculously cold outside tonight. It’s only getting colder. Today’s high was something like 17 degrees…and that was at 9:00am. Overnight they are putting out warnings that the wind-chill could be 30 below. On a night like tonight there is only one cure: boozy beer. This Lagunitas Brown Sugga should do the job. According to the impeccable accuracy of the label, the beer is 9.84% ABV.

At first I thought that Brown Sugga smelled like apples. Then I realized that the wife was eating sliced apples with cinnamon on them. Pulling my beer far away from her dessert, I realized the smell is more citrusy, however one could mistake it for apples.

With a name like Brown Sugga, I was fully expecting an uber sweet beer. While it is sweet, it isn’t as sweet as I imagined. The Lugunitas website interestingly mentions that this beer was born from a failed attempt at making barley wine. It also says (again, as the name would suggest) that the beer is brewed with tons of brown sugar.

Even still, I’m having a hard time tasting the brown sugar itself. The beer reminds of a citrusy IPA that is heavily hopped and then crazy amounts of sweetness were used to balance it out. The remnants of the citrusy hops is what sticks out to me, although the sensation is incredibly odd because of the sweetness that accompanies it.

I’m intrigued by this beer, and I’m definitely enjoying it. I recommend trying it.
Lagunitas Brown Sugga

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.