Rock Art Ridge Runner

Rock Art Ridge RunnerJust got back from an failed beer run. Things were not going my way. First off, I was nearly T-boned by some idiot. Secondly, on my way I realized that I had forgot my shopping list. Finally, as I tried to pull into the parking lot I realized that the place was a zoo. There were 5-6 cars just waiting to get into the lot. I turned back dejected. I’m going to drown my sorrow in this Rock Art Ridge Runner.

The Ridge Runner is a barley wine ale. My experience with barley wines in the past is that they are either harshly bitter, or insanely sweet. The Ridge Runner is surprisingly balanced. So much so, that I’m definitely going to let this warm up a bit to see how much the flavors change.

In the meantime…

The beer is a opaque deep reddish brown. Mistakable for black unless you hold it up to the light. Minimal head. It’s only 7.5% ABV…less than I might otherwise expect from a barley wine. As I recall, this is the beer that put Rock Art on the map.

Slightly warmer this beer hasn’t changed a whole lot. The main flavor is roasted malts. It finishes with the slightest bitterness, which lingers. I personally wish there was a little more character, specifically a little more sweetness. If possible, this one may be TOO balanced.

EDIT: Over an hour later I’m at the very end of this bottle. I have to say that at room temperature, this beer is terrific. The beer eventually shifted to be sweeter. Thumbs up.Rock Art Ridge Runner

Author: Joshua Dion

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