Rock Art Sunny and 75

We are just getting back home from our weekend in Vermont. We spent the entire time with my family. Much of Saturday was spent doing a puzzle. Saturday evening we had a delicious dinner (I had a flight of beers with dinner which I will post about later). We also had an awesome brunch out on Sunday morning. The weather was crappy, as it rained the entire time. My brother and I countered the weather in the best way possible: complete and utter denial. We cracked a bottle of Rock Art “Sunny and 75”.

My brother is a good example of the average American male beer drinker. He drinks mostly Bud Light. He has some experience with craft beer, but doesn’t fully understand what to look for when tasting a beer. I figured it would be good bonding to sit down, drink, and discuss this Sunny and 75.

Some of his commentary included “it’s light and cloudy”, which was in reference to the color. I explained that this was a unfiltered beer and the cloudiness was due to the yeast. I actually thought it was a hefeweizen and just now learned that it’s technically a farmhouse ale. We agreed that the color was a medium amber and had ample head.

The beer tastes of coriander and cloves. Nice and spicy. We dropped an orange slice into our glasses, which only added to the deliciousness. The beer is heavily carbonated and 5.1% ABV. An easy and enjoyable beer to drink. Even my light-beer drinking brother gave it a thumbs up saying “I can drink it”.

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.