Stone Levitation Ale

Stone Levitation AleI was thinking about doing a beer review ALL DAY LONG. This evening we had a church-related obligation from 7-9, and I wasn’t going to drink before that. So here it is at 10pm (basically my bedtime) and I’m doing a review.

I’m going with something light tonight: Stone Levitation Ale. It’s appearance might fool you. It’s a dark red color, but has a light-beer-ish 4.4% ABV. You can see from the picture that I completely botched the pour. I guess I was partially in a hurry. Mostly, I was just caught off guard, not expecting that much head. No matter…massive head = massive lacing = *clapping*.

The aroma is citrusy. The taste is full of grapefruitiness. Not as bitter as the smell might otherwise indicate. I’m actually sitting here pausing the review for ten minutes while the beer warms up. I fully expect the flavors to change.

And I was somewhat correct. The beer mellows out quite a bit as it warms. The bitterness settles and the beer seems smoother.

I am brought back to my review of Stone Ruination IPA. I honestly wish I had both here to try side-by-side to see how similar they are. As I re-read my review of the Ruination IPA, I wasn’t a huge fan. I definitely favor the Levitation over the Ruination.

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.