Stone Pale Ale

Stone Pale AleChilling out watching 8-mile tonight. Finished up wrapping the rest of the Christmas presents, so I don’t feel completely lazy. Only a handful of beers left in the fridge. One of em is (was) this Stone Pale Ale.

Cracking this bottle, the smells are pretty amazing. Smells kinda fruity, or maybe cloves. Maybe even sour? I have no clue. Complex.

This beer is seriously cold. Colder than any other beer that’s ever come out of my fridge. It’s magical or something. Maybe this is what those “coldest beer in town” signs refer to.

After waiting what seems like an eternity to let this thing warm up a bit, I’m thinking I like it. This is much less hoppy than the other Stone brews I’ve tried. Plenty of malt to offset the bitter. The hops are different in the Pale Ale (floral not citrusy). I feel like I’m brushing the beer-douche line by saying “floral”, but I don’t have a better term for the hops that are the non-citrusy ones. Hopefully I’ve now embarrassed myself enough to offset the douchey comment.

In any event, I definitely like this beer. I’m savoring it and taking my time.

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.