Victory Festbier

Victory Festbier
Work: Done
Class: Done
Bar after class with the guys: Done
Beer Review: …..

At first I got really nervous with this Victory Festbier; I thought it smelled a little IPAish and after the debacle two nights ago, I don’t think I could take another beer trying to fool me. Before throwing myself through the second story window, I decided to take a few more whiffs. I changed my mind and decided it wasn’t IPAish, but rather pumpkiny with a little spice. Much more in line with the Oktoberfest I was expecting. And before you get all up in my shit about mistaking an IPA for an Oktoberfest, I’ll remind you that I was out drinking prior to this review.

This 5.6% ABV amber lager is quite drinkable. Smooth and minimal carbonation. The pour in the picture shows a lot of head, but that was my fault. I was in a hurry to get this brew into my belly. The head fizzled away VERY quickly.

Flavors are good. Nothing special mind you. It’s malty, but not sweet per se. The smooth mouthfeel really works well with the maltiness. Imagine licking a delicious piece of silk. At this point I think it’s pretty clear that this review wasn’t done with the clearest mind, however I feel that this state of mind fits this beer well. On any other given night I may have been bored with this one, but on a night like tonight I’m thoroughly enjoying it due to the easy drinking that doesn’t sacrifice quality.

Yeah….I’m out.

Victory Festbier

Author: Joshua Dion

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